Valorant Fix – The phone number is incompatible with receiving sms messages valorant

Are you getting “The phone number is Incompatible with receiving sms messages” in Valorant?

This guide will help you to fix your mobile number is incompatible with receiving SMS from Valorant Riot Games. Adding a phone number to your Valorant account allows players to play Premier Game mode.

Valortant is a popular free-to-play 5v5 character-based tactical FPS shooter game. The game was released on June 2, 2020.

Fix – The phone number is incompatible with receiving sms messages Valorant

Here are the fixing steps which can solve your issue on the phone number that is incompatible with receiving sms messages in Valorant.

  • Make sure your phone number is valid and has an incoming SMS facility. Some landline numbers, VoIP numbers, and numbers connected to online services may not support the incoming SMS feature.
  • Contact your mobile carrier to check if the incoming SMS messaging service is enabled. There may be an issue on their end blocking messages.
  • Try using a different phone number in your Valorant account if possible. Try your parents’ mobile number.
  • Double-check that entered phone number on your Valorant account is correct. Go to your Valroant account settings and verify the phone number.
  • Try reinstalling the game once, if it is not sending any SMS.
  • As a last option, contact Riot Games player support. Explain your issue and they may be able to troubleshoot or manually send you a verification code to your phone number.

Hope this helps with your Valorant phone number SMS verification issue. If you need further help, please contact Valorant support and beware of fake websites on the web.