How to fix “Something went wrong” in Valorant Premier SMS Verification

Riot Games announced Valorant’s tournament game mode Valorant Premier as a beta in April 2023. Premier is VALORANT’s new team-based competitive system.

In order to participate in VALORANT Premier mode, you’ll need to register your account to a mobile number. As per Riot Games, This security step is meant to prevent players from entering tournaments with Smurfs.

HOW TO VERIFY Valorant Premier SMS Verification?

  1. In the Premier tab of the client, in the Verify Now panel on the right, click Verify.

    Note: If you see a Create a Team panel on the right instead of Verify Now, that’s because you’re already verified and meet all the eligibility criteria to create or join a Premier team. You can skip the rest of the following steps.
  2. Enter your country code, followed by your area code and phone number. You can find country codes online.
  3. Riot Games send you a text message with an OTP code; enter that, and your account will be SMS verified.
valorant sms verification successful

Why can’t I verify my phone number in Valorant Premier?

You can’t verify your phone number in Valorant Premier because you’ve already linked it to another Riot Games account.

For example, if you have already linked your mobile number with a Riot Games account and you use it to play League of Legends, you might have linked your phone number to it.


Sorry, no. Riot Games only allows One Riot account per phone number.

How to fix “Something went wrong” in Valorant Premier SMS Verification

If you’re getting “Something went wrong” in Valorant Premier Phone Verification, then you need to follow some steps to successfully verify your phone number with a Valorant account.

Following these guidelines should help in most cases!

  • Make sure you’re correctly entering the country code in the left field, with your full 10-digit phone number in the right field.
  • If you’re using a non-standard screen resolution (4:3), sometimes switching to 16:9 can help with entering the code.
  • If you receive an error, please wait 10 minutes before trying again. If you request a code 3+ times in 5 minutes, your request will be rate-limited and no messages will be sent.

Also, if your number is already linked with your League of Legends game account then you need to unlink it.

After you’ve unlinked your phone number, you can link it with Valorant.

Valorant SMS Verification Error Codes

Here are some most common Valorant SMS Verification Error Codes and their solutions steps.

This phone number is unavailable, please try another.This error means the phone number is currently in use on another account, you’ll have to use a different phone number.
The phone number is incompatible with receiving SMS messages, please try another.Your phone carrier is not supported for SMS verification.
Something went wrong.This is an error on Riot Games’ end. Please wait a few minutes and then try again. Keep posted for any notifications in the client about ongoing issues from Riot Games.


Valorant’s Premier SMS Verification is an important security feature that ensures the protection of player accounts. However, facing the “Something Went Wrong” error during this process can be frustrating.

If the above steps fail to solve the issue you can contact the Riot Games Valorant Player support.