Everything in the Champions 2023 Skin Bundle VALORANT

Here’s everything in the Champions 2023 bundle for Valorant.

Champions 2023 Skin Bundle: Items, Price & Release date

Champions 2023 Full Bundle contains 4 different in-game cosmetic items.

  • Vandal Champions 2023 Skin
  • Champions 2023 Melee
  • Champions 2023 Player Card
  • Champions 2023 Gun Buddy

The total price is estimated to be 6200 Valorant Points (VP) and that is based on the previous prices for other Champions bundles.

By the Vandal on its own, it should cost 2675 Valorant Points (VP). It’ll have the champions Glow when you’re top fragging well as purple and yellow lines gradually building up on the skin as you get more and more kills.

Next up is the knife you can see right here which will set you back roughly 5350 Valor points if you purchase it on its own next in the bundle.

Next, we have the Valorant Champions 2023 Trophy player Card which will cost roughly 375 Valorant Points (VP). The gun buddy which on its own will be around 475 Valorant Points (VP) and finally the wingman spray which should be 325 v Valorant Points (VP) on its own.

Tbundle will release into the store on the 4th of August and should remain all the way until August 29th, keeping in mind, it will never return to the store or night market after that date.

So with all that in mind what are you planning on buying from this bundle.